Are you one of us?

You’re someone who has a professional skill–a therapist, app developer, technical writer, event planner or, heck, even cat wrangler. You love what you do. You don’t want to work for someone else. And the thought of running a business makes your blood run cold.

Yep, you’re a reluctant entrepreneur!

After two decades as the owner of a one-person research firm and as a strategic business coach, six books and innumerable articles about the inffront-coverormation industry, I wrote a book about what I’m really passionate about — working with professionals who want to make a living as a one-person business, doing what they love, having fun and making a living.

My approach in my own business has been to figure out what I really enjoy doing, then find out who the people are who really value what I can do for them. And I’ve helped other reluctant entrepreneurs do the same thing.

It’s not hard; it’s just scary. In The Reluctant Entrepreneur and in my coaching, I frequently challenge you to keep moving outside your comfort zone until you become accustomed to operating while scared. Once you’ve learned this, you’re unstoppable.



One thought on “Are you one of us?

  1. Mary Ellen you are an authentic leader and information rock star! Thank you for sharing your practical insights in an easy to digest format.

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