What’s in the book?

front-coverI know…. there’s nothing like thumbing through a book to get a feeling for whether or not you want to buy it. If you’re curious enough to get this far, you just might be ready to take the next step.

Here’s the table of contents and a whole lot of sneak peeks at what’s inside. I have included the full text of some of the sections I think are particularly useful or are on topics I frequently get asked about.

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Bibliographic citation for those of us who appreciate such things:

Bates, Mary Ellen. The Reluctant Entrepreneur: Making a Living Doing What You Love  / Mary Ellen Bates. Niwot, CO. : Niwot Press, C2014. 204 p. ; ill. ; 21 cm. ISBN: 9780615975955 ($16.99)

The Reluctant Entrepreneur



Chapter 1: But I’m Not an Entrepreneur
What Does an Entrepreneur Look Like?
What Makes You Unique?
How Well Do You Know Yourself?
When Will You Start?
Five Signs That You’re a Reluctant Entrepreneur

Chapter 2: The Joys and Frustrations of Being an Entrepreneur
The Joys of Being an Entrepreneur
No Regrets
The Frustrations of Being an Entrepreneur
With a Little Help from My Friends
The Best and Worst of Being an Entrepreneur
Five Key Attributes of a Reluctant Entrepreneur

Chapter 3: The Mind of an Entrepreneur
Build a Better Mousetrap
The Imposter Syndrome
Being Your Own Manager
Freelancer or Business Owner?
Learning to Love Fear
Exercising Your Entrepreneurial Muscles
Five Mindset Must-Haves

Chapter 4: Who Are Your Clients?
What’s Your Bliss?
What Is Your Client’s Problem?
The Reality-Check Interviews
Your Competitors or Your Colleagues?
The Voice of Experience
Five Questions for Discovering Your Client Base

Chapter 5: Building the Framework
Incorporating or Keeping It Simple
Should You Partner with Your Partner or with Your Pal?
Protecting Your Social Security Number
What Kind of Animal Are You?
My Newly Incorporated Life
Business Plans and Other Pipe Dreams
Business Plan Checklist
What about My Steady Paycheck?
Taking the Leap
Five Key Questions When Forming Your Business

Chapter 6: Managing Yourself and Your Business
Time Management
“Vacation? What Vacation?”
Turning Yourself Off at Night
Staying Sharp
Outsourcing What You Can
Making More Mistakes
Getting the Important Things Done
Living Large
Is It Important or Is It Just Urgent?
When a Nine-to-Five Job Looks Tempting
The Health Insurance Puzzle
Business Coaches: Help, I Need Somebody
Five Self-Management Tips

Chapter 7: All About Money
Financing Your Business
Setting Your Rates
Billing and Collections
Should You Take Credit Cards?
Cash Flow
Paying the Tax Man
Five Financial Tips

Chapter 8: The Care and Feeding of Clients
You’re the Boss
Thinking Bigger
Tire-Kickers, Lookie-Loos, and Low-Ballers
The Job from Hell
Fishing for Feedback
How to Fire a Client
Five Tips for Managing Clients

Chapter 9: Your (Fabulous) Marketing Plan
What Are Your Goals?
Marketing for Reluctant Entrepreneurs
Writing Your Marketing Plan
What’s Not Working?
Twenty Ways to Kick-Start Your Marketing
Five Marketing Plan Essentials

Chapter 10: Brand “You”
You’re the Expert
Managing Multiple Messages
Branding Essentials
Talking About Yourself
Five Branding To-Do Items

Chapter 11: The Reluctantly Strategic Entrepreneur
Warning: Sharp Curves Ahead
Questions to Ponder
Planning to Plan
Getting a Yearly Checkup
Saying “Thank You”
Am I Root-bound or a Bonsai?
With Clients, Is More Always Better?
Moving to the Next Level
Making the Shift
Five Tips for Making Strategic Change

Appendix A: Resources for Entrepreneurs

Appendix B: Recommended Books for Reluctant Entrepreneurs


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