Hi, there! I post my most current presentations and other items of interest here. If you’d like to see some of my past presentations, head over to Slideshare. And if you have any questions or comments about any of these slide decks, feel free to email me.

Super Searcher Strategies

I cover new search strategies, techniques, and tips for getting the most out of web research. Presented at Internet Librarian 2017.



(ROI) Truth to Power: Measuring & Talking About What Matters

I talk about how to effective communicate the true return on investment for information services; it means more than just counting hours saved or searches conducted. Presented at Internet Librarian 2017.

What’s “Research” Anyway?

googleI write a regular column for Online Searcher, and this one in the March/April 2017 issue generated more interest than usual. I was reflecting on an old Blondie cartoon that equated “research” with Googling a topic, and I went on to look at what research really involves.

What Do Your Customers REALLY Want?: Google Market Intelligence

Learn about the hidden corners of Google you never knew about, where you can get real insights on what garden products consumers are looking for today. Presented at the Independent Garden Center Show 2017.

Mining the “Deep Web”

The “deep web” holds demographic data, market projections, and market share information critical to the good business decisions that help your garden center succeed.Presented at the Independent Garden Center Show 2017.

Hidden Databases: Accessing Priceless Market Research Without Paying a Dime

Learn how to get the most strategic use of the hidden online databases available to small business owners through your local library.Presented at the Independent Garden Center Show 2017.

Tapping Into Social Media

Learn how to observe trends in social media, including what your customers are saying, what people are sharing and ideas on new approaches to building your independent business.Presented at the Independent Garden Center Show 2017.

Benchmarking Your Website and Social Media Presence

Find out how other IGC retailers are communicating with their market on the web with a benchmarking checklist of what to look for and what it means.Presented at the Independent Garden Center Show 2017.

Let The Good Times (Management) Roll

coverThe most valuable asset info-entrepreneurs manage is our time, and we are always managing multiple priorities. I show how to successfully use several time-management approaches to get the best, most strategic use of your time, freeing you up to get more done and have more fun.

Download the Solopreneur Planning Template.

Presented at the AIIP Annual Conference 2017.