I’m posting my most current presentations here. If you’d like to see some of my past presentations, head over to Slideshare.

SLA Annual Conference 2017

While info pros recognize the value we bring to our organizations, it can be challenging to articulate that value in ways that are understood by management. I provide techniques and tools for identifying and communicating the key metrics for calculating the true ROI of information services.

SLA Annual Conference 2017

How do you communicate the value and impact of your information center when your colleagues’ eyes glaze over at the mention of “authoritative sources” or “controlled vocabulary”? I offer five tangible tools to turn every opportunity with a colleague into a learning moment and to develop a reputation as an invaluable asset to your organization. Whether you are a solo librarian or just need to polish your skills in building your professional brand, expect to get fresh ideas on how to be seen as the strategic partner you are.

harvesting-social-media-coverSocial media networks have become the new Internet of 2017 and are gold mines of useful intelligence. In this session, I provide the super-searcher skills to effectively mine search engines and social media while safeguarding your privacy.

AIIP Annual Conference 2017

coverThe most valuable asset info-entrepreneurs manage is our time, and we are always managing multiple priorities. I show how to successfully use several time-management approaches to get the best, most strategic use of your time, freeing you up to get more done and have more fun.

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