From Zero to Clients: Starting (or Re-starting) Your Word-of-Mouth Referral Machine

Forget cold calling! Learn how to get pre-sold clients calling YOU!

Join MARY ELLEN BATES for another dynamic 60 minutes of learning in this LIVE WEBINAR.

Whether you’re just starting out or expanding into a new market, getting clients is one of the hardest aspects of being a solopreneur. In this webinar, Mary Ellen Bates will give you the tools to kick-start your most powerful marketing tool — your word-of-mouth referral network.


Date: Thursday, August 20, 2015

Time: noon EDT / 9am PDT / 4pm GMT

Duration: 1 Hour

Cost: $20

Can’t attend live? Register now and get access to the recording at the reduced $20 rate. (Archived webinars are $29.95)

You’ll learn:

The secret to word-of-mouth success You don’t need a fancy business name or killer tag line, but you do have to be memorable.

The 5 word-of-mouth essentials You have to be the first “mouth” in your word-of-mouth network. Learn how to get those first referrals.

Turning colleagues into allies Find out how to turn your competitors into valuable allies.

Working your existing network Even people who aren’t your prospects can be effective word-of-mouth marketers for your business.

Getting powerful testimonials Learn what questions elicit the best testimonials from everyone you know.

Don’t miss this webinar! Thursday, August 20 — noon EDT / 9am PDT / 4pm GMT

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